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Charter Plumbing

  • High quality workmanship and level of care.
  • Helpful and friendly.
  • Long-term solutions, not just quick fixes.
  • Pensioner discount.
  • 24 hour emergency repairs.
  • Trusted by big brands.

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Trusted by Big Brands


Along with plumbing for the general public, we also provide services toa wide array of different facilities and institutions. These include shopping centres, stores such as Coles Supermarkets and Kmart,various Real Estate companies, State and Local Government agencies, schools, colleges, universities and restaurants.

Shopping Centres

Shopping centre plumbing in Perth is very different from residential plumbing. Shopping centres will have toilets and hand basins along with taps, dishwashers and sinks- not to mention the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems needed. The piping and systems needed for this is much more complicated and comprehensive than is found in a home. As such, our plumbers have undergone extensive training to ensure they are qualified to tackle large scale work. We are a large plumbing company with enough personnel to attend to needs that arise with personnel with professional qualifications for this type of work.



When you own property in Perth or are a strata manager you will be sure to need a property management plumber at some time or another. The trouble is with a block of flats that it is very difficult to tee up in time when a lot of people are involved. It is also more difficult to find out exactly where the source of the problem is, causing undue stress. As specialist property management plumbers, we are used to dealing with such situations and are trained to do so. We are qualified to deal with commercial premises such as high-rise apartment blocks.

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