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Charter Plumbing

  • High quality workmanship and level of care.
  • Helpful and friendly.
  • Long-term solutions, not just quick fixes.
  • Pensioner discount.
  • 24 hour emergency repairs.
  • Trusted by big brands.

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Emergency Plumber Perth

Charter Plumbing’s team of Emergency plumbers are quite willing to come out at all hours of the day or night to attend to your emergency. No one wants their house to remain flooded for any longer than absolutely necessary. And while having a shower may seem like a luxury that can be dispensed with to some, others realise that going without is extremely uncomfortable, especially in Perth’s hot climate.

Need a plumber now?

People often make sure that they have their emergency telephone numbers for the doctor, ambulance, police and fire brigade down in a safe and obvious place so that they can be quickly contacted when the need arises. But most people do not think about including a number for emergency plumbers.

However if something goes wrong with your plumbing it can usually be called an emergency. If the toilet will not flush, or you suddenly have two centimetres of water all through your house from a broken indoor water heater or pipe, then you need an emergency plumber as quickly as possible. Even if the shower will not come on or the hot water is running cold, you will probably find that this cannot be fixed by the average householder.

So if you are getting together a list of essential numbers, remember to add Charter Plumbing to it so that everyone in the house knows whom to call in a plumbing emergency. Leaving such problems will only make them worse and can do a lot of damage to the house. However, if they are seen to immediately by Charter Plumbing, then the damage can be reduced, thus saving even more expense.

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To contact emergency plumbers in Perth ring Charter Plumbing and add this number to your list of emergency telephone numbers too!